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Outdoor attractions

Duszniki Zdrój is an ideal base for tourists who want to see the beauty of the Kłodzko Land and the Czech border.

We recommend the following attractions worth visiting.

Table Mountains

Just 5 km from Duszniki's Table Mountain National Park. Table Mountain is an area very attractive and well the developed tourism. Park Area crosses a dense network of hiking trails (with a total length of 100 km), in the main section of the trail Sudetenland. M. Orłowicz. They provide all the peculiarities of the rock massif, ie "Rock city" on Szczeliniec Great (919 m), the highest peak of the Table Mountains,
Rocks rock labyrinths in the mountains of erroneous Skalniak (915 m), Mushrooms and Radkowski Rock Rocks, Owl Rock scenically beautiful, located in the savanna-like landscape Łężyckie rocks.


Zieleniec is the largest ski resort in the Kłodzko Valley (one of the largest in the Sudetenland). It is a district Duszniki Zdroj.

It lies at an altitude of about 950 m.n.p.m. band of the Eagle Mountains. There is a microclimate there, similar to the Alpine.

Golf course, horse riding

Golf course "Chopin Golf"
For those who want to spend their time differently, we offer a stay at a golf resort in the town of Szczytno, located between Duszniki and Polanica Zdroj Spa. We would like to invite experienced players but also the fans of the sport.
Horse Riding "Rancho Panderoza"
We invite you for a ride on the horse-riding. Horse riding is a place where beginners can get used to the horse and those advanced practice their skills. The course program is individually tailored to the needs of the rider. Even after short training a beginner can go into the field.

Cycling, hiking

Take advantage of this form of recreation in Duszniki. In our village you will find a large selection of bicycle paths depending on the degree of difficulty. In the hotel, guests will be able to rent bikes as well as other sports equipment.
In our hotel, you have the possibility to rent poles for Nordic walking. It is a very popular form of active leisure in Duszniki. Duszniki Spa have to offer many magical paths that can traverse the sticks, away from the hustle and bustle.


Tours with the travel agency. In our hotel reception it is possible to purchase trips. We offer reasonable prices, attentive service and licensed guides. A full program of excursions is available in the hotel.
We offer tours to: Prague, Prague at night, Vienna, Macochy cave, Adrspach, Zoo Safari and national tours: Wambierzyce-Polanica Spa, Kudowa-Czermna, Panorama Racławicka, Gold mine in Zloty Stok, Ksiaz Castle, Szczeliniec Rock, Krzeszów-Stone Mountain.